Maxim Group is a Karachi based group of companies

Maxim Group is a Karachi-based group of companies having well-developed offices in Islamabad and Lahore and nationwide business operation. The Group’s major business interests are in advertising, real estate marketing, real estate development, housing, construction, and PR.

Maxim Group embarked on the journey of realizing its corporation vision and attaining its business goals with the establishment of the Group’s flagship company, Maxim Advertising Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., in 1985. Achieving phenomenal growth right from the earliest year, the Company has kept up an impressive record of business development and professional excellence duly recognized Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), the country’s apex and advertising. While Maxim Advertising serves a large and varied portfolio of public and private sector accounts, its hallmark is its specialization in real estate and housing advertising.

As a logical prognosis of this profound association with the real estate and housing sector through advertising, Maxim Group gradually extended and expanded its business into real estate marketing, real estate development, housing and construction through various companies.

Maxim Marketing is the Group’s real estate marketing arm that is duly recognized as the pioneer and trendsetter in this industry. Maxim Marketing operates through its marketing and joint-venture divisions and over the years, has successfully launched, marketed and sold a large number of mega project through both the divisions. In the fields of real estate development, housing and construction, a number of companies are working, under the umbrella of Maxim Properties.

These companies acquire land from the open market; conceive, plan the execute quality housing projects on the acquired land; and offer these projects for sale to the general public. Maxim Properties also offers attractive investment opportunities to prospective local and foreign partner for projects of various types and nature on its prim-located landholdings in Karachi.

Maxim PR, a public relations agency, is the latest addition to the components of Maxim Group. In terms of experience and expertise, the agency is resourceful enough to provide professional PR services that commensurate to developing and placing awareness campaigns, press releases, news features, interviews, and organizing news conference and other types of events are some of the key functions performed by agency.

A progressive outlook, sound strategies, consistent policies and fair business practices, all have synergized together to build a sterling goodwill that remains the bedrock of Maxim Group’s strength and stability. In the process of building this goodwill, understandably, the Group has also attained phenomenal financial strength that continues to fuel its forward thrust towards ever-higher goals in all areas of its business.

Business diversification by Maxim Group has also extended into retail of traditional fuels i.e. petrol, diesel, CNG and lubricants along with automobile servicing. Working in the name and style of Maxim Fuel Services, the business until dedicated to this area develops and operates its own outlet. We also have knowledge and expertise to prepare feasibility reports for similar establishments.

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